Hydra Boost Plus Daily

Lenses 30 pack

$2 trial, then $24 per box

Our vitamin B12-infused (Cyanocobalamin) lenses

are designed to give you 30% more hydration and 2x the

comfort in comparison to standard hydrogel lenses

while reducing eyestrain and redness.

Save up to 15%

Best value

Daily Eyecare Plus Duo

20 Vitamin B12

Daily Lenses

+ Hydration Drops

$9 $33

Daily Eyecare Plus Duo

Daily Lens Plus Trial

20 Vitamin B12

Daily Lenses

$2 $17

Daily Lens Plus Trial

* $2.95 shipping will be added at checkout

Refunds and returns accepted

If your Waldo product is faulty, damaged or

the incorrect subscription customers

can request a cash refund for their purchase

or request a replacement order with the

correct products, free of charge.

Why Vitamin B12 Lenses?

A 5-day clinical study conducted found that vitamin

B12 provides:

In conclusion, Hydra Boost Plus Daily Lenses were

proven to leave eyes feeling more moisturized,

refreshed and comfortable, with less redness.

eye examination

Clinical results

Giving Back

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